Twin Blocks

A Twin Block Functional Appliance consists of upper and lower removable braces that are worn at the same time. They are usually used in cases where the upper teeth are significantly forward of the lower teeth. The obvious cosmetic problem is that the front teeth stick out, but often the real problem is that the lower jaw is set too far back.

How Does it Work?

A Twin Block works by advancing the lower jaw with continuous forward positioning. Blocks of plastic on the brace control exactly how your jaws relate to each other. They require determination and good co-operation to work well, but when they do, this is an extremely effective and successful form of treatment.

How Can it be Treated?

These braces only work well during rapid growth periods so there is usually an age restriction for this treatment. Each patient is different, so speak to your othodontist about your options.

Will it be Painful?

It is likely to be a little sore for a couple of days. Your jaws and teeth may ache a little at first but this will soon settle. If necessary take painkillers as you would for a headache (please read the instructions on the packet).

Can I Eat Normally?

This is difficult, but you should try to keep the brace in whilst eating if possible. After each meal remove the brace and brush thoroughly.