Removable Appliances

Simple treatments may be carried out using a removable appliance. These have delicate wires and springs attached which move the teeth by gentle pressure.

Screw Appliances

These braces are most commonly used for expansion of the upper arch of the mouth. The brace has a tiny screw in the middle, which is turned to gradually expand the arch.

Spring Appliances

These braces are used mostly for individual tooth movements.

Will it be Painful?

It is likely to be a little sore for a couple of days whenever the brace is adjusted. If necessary take painkillers as you would for a headache (please read the instructions on the packet).

Can I Eat Normally?

You should be able to eat normally and it is important to keep the brace in whilst eating. After each meal remove the brace and brush thoroughly.

What About Talking?

Your speech may be a little different at first. Practice speaking out loud and it will very quickly return to normal.

What if I Play Contact Sports?

You should wear a mouthguard instead of your brace. Keep the brace safe in its box whenever it is out of your mouth.