Headgear is a means of using outside force to aid the straightening of your teeth. It is usually used to move your back teeth further back in the jaw, this could be because extra space is required to straighten over-crowded teeth. If your teeth stick out too far, it will help to pull them back into a better position.

When Do I Need to Wear It?

Headgear requires COMPLETE CO-OPERATION otherwise it just won't work. It needs to be worn for a minimum of 12-14 hours a day.

Most patients choose to wear their headgear in the evenings and at night time.

You can never wear your headgear too much, the more you wear it the quicker your teeth will move. So any extra time at the weekend or holidays will contribute to completing this stage of treatment quickly.

The headgear attaches to either a removable brace that is worn all the time, or to metal bands cemented to your back teeth.